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    I've written a few books - all technical - and there's usually one or two in the pipeline. (I didn't write any of the books in the photo).

    The Big Data Trilogy

    Three free eBooks from Syncfusion's "Succinctly" series.

    Together they form an introduction to Big Data - starting with Hadoop, moving on to Hive and finishing with HBase.

    I have a trilogy of Pluralsight courses covering Big Data too:

    Hadoop Succinctly

    Hadoop Succinctly book cover


    • Introducing Hadoop
    • Getting Started with Hadoop
    • HDFS—The Hadoop Distributed File System
    • YARN—Yet Another Resource Negotiator
    • Hadoop Streaming
    • Inside the Cluster
    • Hadoop Distributions
    • The Hadoop Ecosystem

    Hive Succinctly

    Hive Succinctly book cover


    • Introducing Hive
    • Running Hive
    • Internal Hive Tables
    • External Tables over HDFS
    • External Tables over HBase
    • ETL with Hive
    • DDL and DML in Hive
    • Partitioning Data
    • Querying with HiveQL

    HBase Succinctly

    HBase Succinctly book cover


    • Introducing HBase
    • Hbase and the HBase Shell
    • HBase Table Design
    • Connecting with the Java API
    • Connecting with Python and Thrift
    • Connecting with .NET and Stargate
    • The Architecture of HBase
    • Inside the Region Server
    • Monitoring and Administering HBase