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I've written a few books - all technical - and there's usually one or two in the pipeline. (I didn't write any of the books in the photo).

Docker on Windows

A comprehensive guide to Docker and Windows containers. Covers everything from the 101, through to packaging .NET apps and SQL Server databases in Docker, modernizing application architecture and running with high-availability and scale in production. This one you have to pay for...

Get Docker for Windows on Amazon

But the source code is on GitHub, and I cover the Docker images from the book in the Windows Weekly Dockerfile blog series. And I often have copies to give away when I'm speaking :)


  • Getting Started with Docker on Windows
  • Packaging and Running Applications as Docker Containers
  • Developing Dockerized .NET and .NET Core Applications
  • Pushing and Pulling Images from Docker Registries
  • Adopting Container-First Solution Design
  • Organizing Distributed Solutions with Docker Compose
  • Orchestrating Distributed Solutions with Docker Swarm
  • Administering and Monitoring Dockerized Solutions
  • Understanding the Security Risks and Benefits of Docker
  • Powering a Continuous Deployment Pipeline with Docker
  • Debugging and Instrumenting Application Containers
  • Containerize What You Know: Guidance for Implementing Docker

The Big Data Trilogy

Three free eBooks from Syncfusion's "Succinctly" series.

Together they form an introduction to Big Data - starting with Hadoop, moving on to Hive and finishing with HBase.

I have a trilogy of Pluralsight courses covering Big Data too:

Hadoop Succinctly

Hadoop Succinctly book cover


  • Introducing Hadoop
  • Getting Started with Hadoop
  • HDFS—The Hadoop Distributed File System
  • YARN—Yet Another Resource Negotiator
  • Hadoop Streaming
  • Inside the Cluster
  • Hadoop Distributions
  • The Hadoop Ecosystem

Hive Succinctly

Hive Succinctly book cover


  • Introducing Hive
  • Running Hive
  • Internal Hive Tables
  • External Tables over HDFS
  • External Tables over HBase
  • ETL with Hive
  • DDL and DML in Hive
  • Partitioning Data
  • Querying with HiveQL

HBase Succinctly

HBase Succinctly book cover


  • Introducing HBase
  • Hbase and the HBase Shell
  • HBase Table Design
  • Connecting with the Java API
  • Connecting with Python and Thrift
  • Connecting with .NET and Stargate
  • The Architecture of HBase
  • Inside the Region Server
  • Monitoring and Administering HBase