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Handling Failures with Messaging

I did a webinar this week, hosted by the good folks at Particular Software - you know, they make NServiceBus and a bunch of other great tools.

The subject of this one was Handling Failures with Messaging. Thanks everyone who attended, and I've had some great feedback - like this:

Fantastic webinar on error handling in messaging systems with @EltonStoneman illustrating @ParticularSW and #zeromq. Appreciate the insights

The code used in the demos is up on GitHub now: sixeyed/handling-failures, the slides are on SlideShare and you can watch a recording of the Webinar

In the session I walk through different types of failure, and strategies for handling them. The demo solution goes through various iterations, ending with a message based architecture where the handler has much more scope to deal with failures intelligently:

Handling Failure with Messaging

If you missed the previous webinar, it was all about Scaling with Asynchronous Messaging - the content for that is available too:

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