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This is my new home

I've been blogging over at Geeks with Blogs since 2008 but I'm finally jumping ship and moving here.

All the old content will stay on GWB, but if you want to see new stuff, here's where it will be.

Why the move? GWB provide a great service, but a lot has changed since 2010:

  • the Cloud got invented, in particular Azure Web Apps, so self-hosting a fast, reliable and scalable blog has become super easy
  • they made Ghost which lets me run the whole blog for real in a development VM, test new themes, functional changes etc. and push it all to Azure when I'm ready
  • GWB didn't really keep up. It runs on Subtext and the best authoring tool is Windows Live Writer. Neither have had much love for a little while.

So this is the new home. I like having control over the theme, so I will style it up a bit over time. The publishing experience is so much easier that I may even get more posts out there...

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Written by Elton Stoneman
Microsoft MVP | Docker Captain | Pluralsight Author