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I did the last of my webinar series with Particular Software this week. It was about Powering Front-End Apps with Messaging. We had a great turnout and lots of good stuff in the Q&A session - thanks everyone who attended.

I’ve posted the code from the demo on GitHub: sixeyed/messaging-frontend, the slides are on SlideShare and the webinar recording will be coming soon.

The webinar covered the tricky topic of getting responses back to end-users when you have asynchronous messaging in your application layer. I do that using RabbitMQ as the messaging transport, and SignalR as the channel between web app and clients.

I show how to do broadcast notifications, with pub-sub messaging and SignalR Clients.All calls, and targeted responses to an individual user with request-response messaging, and a lookup to find a SignalR connection ID for a single client call:

SignalR architecture powered by RabbitMQ

The demo uses Docker containers for the RabbitMQ broker, and the HBase database - all detailed in the ReadMe - so this is a good introduction to Docker if you’re new to it.

If you missed the previous webinar, it was all about Handling Failures with Messaging - the content for that is available too: